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Save money use Less Energy


Making A neglected House a Home

Posted on 27 March, 2017 at 15:00 Comments comments (252)
How many times have we considered calling the power company because the bill was just way too high? How many of us have invested in new windows or insulated our home to keep it comfortable all year round?  Did it solve the problem?  My approach to high price utility bills is practical.  Get someone over who will take off the panel and find out which circuits are pulling the most "JUICE" power and determine why. You might have an issue no one ever suspected, but you bought the home "AS-IS" so it's your baby.
Here is my PDF book that you will download for $5.00 dollars that shows you lots of things around homes that waste money and a bunch of ideas to fix up a house.   If your serious about making a home comfortable and economical click here  I've done this for 15 years and my experience is worth the $5.00