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Benefit from E-commerce and Make your House a better Home

Posted on 2 February, 2018 at 10:52 Comments comments (167)

If you live on planet earth and use cell phone you've either heard about or use social media feeds like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many others that are changing the way people interact.

If you enjoy my BLOG post you might as well dive into my E-COMMERCE store and see if there is anything you like.  Send me a request of things you want and I will look for way to get it at a discount
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Posted on 18 December, 2013 at 23:49 Comments comments (246)

The Unlimited Resource

Posted on 15 February, 2013 at 14:40 Comments comments (116)
Many of us know about the natural resources that we use everyday to help us cook our food, dry our clothes and heat our homes.  If we take a close look at the components of our homes that get used the most, we often will find they need some attention.  There are some things that go overlooked and that is why we need people to help us solve the riddles of drafts and air loss.  Read the book available at this site for details.                                                  
There is another natural resource that we need to "tap" into everyday and we should not take this one for granted either.  If you want to get the most out of your day, read the blog
This will brighten your day!


Posted on 1 June, 2012 at 15:08 Comments comments (113)
Do you suffer from Allergies?
 Do you start sneezing around dust?

If you answered yes, when was the last time your had your air ducts cleaned including the evaporator coil,  fan blower and vent covers? How close do you live to pollen?

Allergens are in the air ducts, on the vent covers and they are blown through the air handler which is aggravating the symptoms of allergies. 

 David Evans here...I suffered from allergies so bad that I had to wear respirator when I mowed the lawn. I lived in Arizona, land of heat! We had two and hotter, but all jokes aside.  Heat and low humidity mean that the air was light and pollution traveled quickly. Pollen travels just as fast.  When people fall in love with certain plants that give off lots of pollen, they don't think about what will happen when we all find it in our air ducts.

Because allergy symptons slow us down and make us feel miserable...really they do....I want to share with you how I am getting over the allergy symptoms and in time will be allergy free.

My wife took me to good friend who reads the eyes...actually they use a chart that tells them what the nerves are dealing with in your body.  The eye shows the map of your entire body, so a trained person can tell you if your sick just by looking at the colored part of your eyeball with a special magnifying glass of course. Iridology is the trade.

After taking some herbs for a month, prescribed to me  through a method known as muscle testing, I was feeling about 10 years younger! It's pretty old school where I went, but it worked.  Modern medicine uses these techniques with the aid of a computer, but muscle testing is still used by chiropractors.

The number one problem I had was dirt in the bowels, blocking the flow of nutrients to my body, so I ate more and felt tired anyway! So, it's not just in your head.

Dirt in your air ducts stops the flow of good air because microscopic junk is in there too, keeping you feeling tired and when your body has had enough, you just sneeze and feel miserable.  It's time to get cleaning folks!

Take a picture of your Air ducts return

Posted on 9 September, 2011 at 18:51 Comments comments (129)
If you own a digital camera, take a minute and stick into the register and take a picture.  If you see white fuzz everywhere, lint or hair, your overdue for air duct cleaning, but I can help.  It's almost time to turn on the furnace. Have your furnace inspected and cleaned twice a year.  In the fall and in the spring before you turn on the Air conditioning.

I have seen a lot of dirty air ducts.  I will tell you how to keep your air ducts cleaner once you get them cleaned out.  There are some things I can share that will prevent the dust from returning. 

When your outside enjoying the "Fresh Air"

Posted on 10 June, 2011 at 15:09 Comments comments (300)
Hello once again.  Today's topic comes from experience that I have on the job, working in neighborhoods just like yours and possibly you can relate to this situation.  If your neighbor moved away, possibly due to a foreclosure and your now have to look over at the yard that is barely mowed and the house has shingles missing! You would probably like to look elsewhere but when you do there are other repairs that are needed.... and sometimes you can even smell I right?
There can be mold and mildew growing on walls around your house, on the deck and under the deck.  If you have animals that occasionally make a mess on your patio, it may be time to replace it, wash the deck with a powerwasher and re-stain.
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Dave's Handyman Express 419-436-2330
              The HVAC Guy 1-800-440-6515

Back to the books-Ashwood College for a diploma in HVAC

Posted on 11 April, 2011 at 22:08 Comments comments (123)
I'm taking some courses at Ashwood College.  It's online and pretty affordable, so I'll be able to learn some better techniques for troubleshooting and repairing central air conditioning systems.

The season is almost here...we even had an 80 degree day last Sunday the 10th of April